Cooperative Education is a partnership between higher education institutions and industry that formalizes the experiential education process as ongoing. Co-op alternates or combines periods of academic study and work experience in appropriate fields.  Co-op provides students with compensation from the employer. Each participating student's performance is evaluated by both the institution and employer. Co-op provides each student with some form of tran-scripted academic credit.

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.An application can be submitted at any time. The accreditation process is designed to be completed within a six month period. After downloading the application from this site and completing the self study, profile data sheet, and affirmation of facts form the completed document should be sent to the Vice Chair of Accreditation.  The Vice Chair will create a review team for your site visit.  You will coordinate with the Team Leader to find a convenient time for your site visit.  Accreditation is valid for six years from the time in which it is granted by the ACCI Council.


Academic Internships involve work experiences that are episodic academic experiences to meet faculty specifications for experiential learning. An academic internship offers internships of a specified duration. Each participating student's performance is evaluated by both the institution and employer. Quality academic internships are those that allow students to learn more about their field of interest through observation and direct participation in a job setting and ideally leads to networking opportunities.

Accreditation Council for

Co-op and Internship


ACCI is proud to include the highest quality cooperative education and academic internship programs as the standard bearers of higher education applied learning. That includes programs at Bowling Green State University, Case Western Reserve University, Eastern Kentucky University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Mississippi State University, Stevens Institute of Technology, North Carolina State University, University of Central Florida, University of  Cincinnati, University of Louisville.